Freedom’s Spirit

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Across a wide and grassy plain,
His hoof beats thunder, like falling rain.
A coat as white as December snow,
Against the sun, it casts a fiery glow.
He roams alone and yet so free,
This is how Life was meant to be.
In the distance,where earth and sky meet,
Past canyons, meadows and fields of wheat.
With nostrils flaring and fire in his chest,
He pushes onward, continually without rest.
Above and beyond the sapphire sky,
Where freedom soars, where eagles fly
He hears a loud and piercing cry.
This race, he has not won, but still must try.
A lone observer in flight, watches his every move
Eyeing each nook,cranny,corner and groove.
Above and below, in Freedom’s embrace
The twain continue their perpetual race.



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Where is the light that shone in your eyes, brightened your smile and lent
cheerfulness to your voice?
Has Suspicion, Anger, and Disbelief,  left you embittered and without a choice?
How often must the rain fall, before the Sun is allowed to shine?
From what dark place and upon what grounds, have your suspicions led you, to
state, that THIS work is not mine?
Why have you treated me unfairly and with such egregious contempt and disdain?
Perhaps, you reveled at the thought, that you were going to serve me, a delectable
and simmering dish of…. Pain?

I ask these questions, because I truly cannot begin to fathom or to understand…
Your misguided and ill thoughts, unceasingly begging… to make a grandstand.
There is neither merit, or an iota of “Truth”, to the volley of accusations
you have thus made…
Undoubtedly, the voracity of such a pursuit, was an attempt, to call a spade a spade.
Ahhh, how sad it truly is, that you have demonstrated such a tenuous grasp on reality
Yet, it will not suffice to answer the question…What have I done,to deserve all this negativity?
Do you think that I am incapable of penning a poem, engaging in profound literary discourse or
speaking in prose?
Why should I be compelled to prove myself to you, when you can’t distinguish your toes from
your nose?
You cannot confine and attempt to define me according to your misguided perceptions
It only bespeaks of a disconcerting need on your part to exercise some form of rejection.
I am more sad than hurt…that the real truth of the matter is… YOU do not KNOW …ME.
You never did and most likely you never will.


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It is stated or passed on through Samoan oral history/tradition, that Tuifea’i was the son of Tuifiti who came to Samoa, looking for his cousins Pate and Alainuanua.  This Tuifeai was Fijian -Samoan, as his mother was from Manu’a. Furthermore TUIFE’AI  became known as TUISAMOA, a title according to another version…was bestowed upon him by (the cannibal king) Malietoafaiga.  He  (TUIFE’AI) settled in Falealili.-Upolu.  However, there is no mistaking the name of TUIFE’AI and his place  in the history of Tutuila Island, to the east.  Is this the one and the same TUIFE’AI who held Tutuila in sway…grip of fear over his insatiable cannibalistic appetite? I believe this is the one and the same TUIFEAI, who had a great influence in Tutuila.

Interestingly enough, and ACCORDING to other more recently added versions on the internet….it is said that this is the TUIFEA’I, whom LUTU and SOLOSOLO (brothers and yet warrior chiefs)of Falealili came to, as what is expressed in the samoan vernacular…”Fa’aea le pologa a Tutuila mai ia TUIFE’AI”,  to release and free the people of Tutuila from the bondage of TUIFE’AI’S insatiable appetite for human flesh.

Additionally, there seems to have been some confusion as to whether this same TUIFEA’I, was the one and the same individual known as  Malietoafea’i. That, particular Malietoa would most likely be Malietoafaiga, a totally different individual,time and generation to that of the infamous TUIFEA’I.

This is where it becomes quite disconcerting…regarding the above mentioned Lutu and Solosolo and the well known TUIFEA’I aka TUISAMOA.  If one were to take a close look at the estimated timeline of  samoan prehistory, to gauge the possibility/likelihood of the above mentioned event, which involves the brother chiefs – the original LUTU and SO LOSOLO and their so called, “vanquishing…defeating, the infamous TUIFEA’I TUISAMOA… would be virtually…IMPOSSIBLE.

The original Lutu and Solosolo are the great- grandsons of  Tafa’ifa(T4)Queen Salamasina.  THE Tuifea’i Tuisamoa,  of the TUIMANU’A  and TUIFITI  line, lived way, waaaay… long, long, long BEFORE,  T4-QUEEN SALAMASINA, her children …such as  her son  le SATELE(Tapumanaia II-TapuSatele…o le ULUA’I SATELE) and daughter Fofoa’ivao’ese.  TUIFEA’I preceeded  any of her(T4 Salamasina’s grandchildren(on le SATELE’S line.….his children, a son LE SATELE and daughter ALA’IFEA….usuia e Mata’utiamoelala from Falealili). Alaifea, is the mother of the original or first LUTU and SOLOSOLO…warrior and brother chiefs of Sapunaoa Falealili. They are the great grandsons of Queen Salamasina.  LE SATELE, is her grandson and born from him is her or another great grandson MATA’UTIA of Sataua.

TUIFEA’I aka TUISAMOA…. lived some 250-300 years before Queen Salamasina and her great grandsons Lutu and Solosolo.   Tuifea’i Tuisamoa is found in the oral tradition relegated to the ousting out of Tuitoga TALAKAIFAIKI…TALA’IFE’I’I and the rise of the newly named or founded titleMALIETOA line...which begins with MALIETOA SAVEA.

Queen Salamasina and her descendants….ARE  not only descendants of Tuifiti, Tuifea’i…TUISAMOA…but also to that of the Tuimanu’a, Tuiatua,Tuia’ana,Tuitoga, Tuiuea, Tagaloa,Tonumaipea Malietoa genealogical lines et cetera.  Another added matter of concern are statements made on other blog sites, news blog sites on genealogy and history, is that Tuifea’i Tuisamoa is the one and the same Talakaifaiki/Tala’ife’i’i, who supposedly held sway over the “entire” Samoan archipelago”.  They are quite sadly mistaken, indeed.

Additionally, I have come across, at least three times….writings by others that attempt a connection between Tuifea’i and Tala’ife’i’i…..and venture further to state that Tuifea’i is one and the same Tuitoga Tala’ife’i’i.  Tuifea’i Tuisamoa and Talakaifa’iki were first cousins. Their mothers are sisters daughters of Tuimanu’a, one married Tuifiti, the other Tuitoga.

The versions on the internet which have surfaced referring to Lutu and Solosolo…defeating Tuifea’i or driving him out of Tutuila….is nothing short of trying to forcefully merge people and events in a timeline that would never make sense to anyone with half a brain.  Different periods of the historical timeline. 

Additionally, I find it difficult to agree and understand, that the title of TUISAMOA is one that originated from Malietoa.This query is not out of disrespect to the line, because after all, when the mist clears, it is not difficult to see that Malietoa has affinal relations Tuifea’i.  In the Kramer text,  there are side notations that state that the Tuisamoa title is a minor title and given by Malietoa.  The question is, Why would Malietoa, and that would be Malietoa Savea give  such a title to TUIFEA’I, if he…Tuifea’i wasn’t already holding some influence in the Eastern Samoan group? Why would Malietoa Savea subject and acquiesce to giving such a title…TuiSamoa… “King/Ruler of Samoa”….??? Wasn’t TT Talakaifaiki and his tongans, JUST expelled out of the islands?


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Have you seen my true love’s face?
She has all,  but left without a trace
Leaving, just a wretched song of lament
Of a love gone wrong  and heart that was rent
Woefully, I’ve discovered how my money was spent
Now, sadly I am forced to live in a tent.
Tell her, “pretty please”, to return my things
She can keep  the faux diamond rings
Perhaps,she will dash for the nearest pawn shop
Until she finds her next lucrative stop
Tell her Im sorry the diamonds aren’t real
I bought them off the street. What a steal!
It is not a ploy neither is it a ruse
But my ATM cards she cannot use
Perhaps when her greed is not enough
She will finally succumb to cold handcuffs.


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The mystics and bards or yore have failed to herald thy glory
From the land of ancient Kings and warrior’s ascends a beauty
Was it love at first sight?  I know not, this I know though
My attention has been distracted by a fair maiden in cyberspace
In all my years of learning and living life, I have yet to encounter
A maiden of impeccable intelligence and wisdom of this vast orb
The radiance of the sun compliments thy comportment and spirituality
Noble art thy character and unsullied thy aptitude
That has won over this ‘ole heart, kindred unto thy own spirit
Perhaps I’m being forward and naïve at the same time
What an experience of unfathomable delight, twin souls if I might
The Universe has conspired to allow our paths to cross
Its purpose yet unknown to me, however I shall embrace the moment
And cleave unto thee, yet I know not thee, yet I know thee
Perhaps it was another time our souls were familiar
Fanatical are these mystical thoughts as they contradict my Christian faith
‘Alas, woe is the man that takes comfort in the unknown
Yet I would unhesitatingly pursue in the direction of mine heart
May the Lord be kind and allow the fruition of a love beyond compare
My fears perplex me for I have yet to know if thou art yet betrothed to another
If such is the case, I should cherish my passion for love unknowingly induced by thee
Ah! But let me think aloud in my own discourse with myself
In my world a magical event has taken place, in my world thou art my love
My mind attracts to itself the desires of my heart, ye be it naïve of me‘
Tis in my mind’s eye that longs to bask and revel in thy love
Perhaps I am a fool, a glutton for punishment unbeknownst to me
Ye, I revel none-the-less for I am at peace with myself
I have yet to know thee truly ‘o lover of my heart,
I am weak with anticipation
‘O be still and faithful my beating heart, for thou art yet speechless and a mute
To truly dictate the endeavors and yearnings of thy hearts soul
Be still and be faithful and let patience have its perfect work complete in thee
Thy passion for life has stoked the embers of love that burn within my heart for thee‘
O Precious Pearl of the Pacific, how truly wonderful are thy thoughts thy character
Noble are thy ways and worthy to be coveted, thy spell inoculates my being
And I shall hope and pray, that thou may look kindly upon me.



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Tapu ange moe maile fihi tu’u heku ngoue
Fasi pea ngalu e peau hoto mata fale
‘Ou ongona ‘ae ‘ofa ‘oku vivili mo fakakoloa
Kihe kakala ‘oku ‘alaha mo fakavale‘
Ou fifili pe kohai nai kuo ne kaiha’asi
Si’ete tokanga, uisa si’i Siueli ‘oe Pasifiki
Keke‘ilo’ia mai ‘ae hoha’a ‘i hoku lotoni
Totofa ‘i loto Vaihi, fonua ‘o Kamehameha
‘Ae Sei ‘oe ngoue tapu, mausa ‘oe langakali
‘Oku ‘alaha pea manongi, ‘o manongi fakalata
Toka he melino ‘ae anga si’eta feohi
Lau ‘ae punake, muka ‘oe ‘ofa, hopo’anga e la’a
Hulungia ai si’ete mamana, hualela hoku loto
‘Amusia si’i Tavake, ‘oku siu ho mata fale
Ka teu si’i tangiloto pe moe ‘oiauee
Angi iki si’i matangi, kae lava keu ua ‘aki
‘Ofa’anga e pe teu fefe, he koe loto ni ia, kuo he
Anga ‘eku ‘ofa ‘ia te koee, kavea ai si’ete loto ni
Ha’o pehe nai, pe ko hai e valeni ‘oku fakahoha’a‘
Ikai ha maheni, koe feluteni pe he vahaope
Uisa e ta’ahine Masina , fotu ho fofonga he ngaluope
Kapui ai ‘ete loto ni, haka’ilangitau kihe tuputupu’a
Faka’unaloto atu ki si’o fofonga, mataa ai he fetu’u’aho
Hiva e lotoni pea moe ‘atamai kihe kakala koe huni moe siale
Tohi’i au ta’ahine Masina ki ho loto, he kuo te fuakava ‘aki si’o hingoa
Angi e matangi mei he funga fonua, fili ai e ‘ea ‘ene ‘alaha
He koe la’a hulungia si’o fofonga, kehe keu sei hono matala
Si’i Siueli he Kilisitala ho fotu he’eku manatu koe tahi moana,
Masina si’ete sei manako, ‘alaha kapui ai si’ete ‘ofa
Si ‘ete mata’ikoloa hange he mata’itofe ‘oku sangato
‘Oiaue si’o peheni pe koe ha ‘ae valevale lau ‘oku taka
Ko kita pe ia ta’ahine Masina , Talakone ‘oe mui hakau
Fakamolemole ha taku pe lapa kuo hala mo ha fiematamu’a
Anga ia ‘ete ‘ofa ‘oku tuku loto’i, kuo te hoholi ai kihe funga la’a
Lea mai a ta’ahine Masina  pe koe ha si’o ongo, kae nonga si’eku loto.


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Talofa out there to y’all! New on the scene and just learning my way around the site and the many features. lol  Hope to get it before the end of this century. LOL!
Anyhow, it is great being here, a bit intimidating to say the least, but I am quite sure that I’ll be learning something new and useful…real soon.
Catch ya later